CNC machine tool loading and unloading robot

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The application of machine tool loading and unloading robots is for automatic processing and loading and unloading of CNC lathes, so as to realize automatic production, improve work efficiency, and improve working environment. It is a mature product in automation applications. It realizes the complete automation of the machine tool manufacturing process, and adopts integrated processing technology, which is suitable for loading and unloading, workpiece turning, and workpiece rotation of the production line.
Model: YD-ZDSXL-001
Applicable product shape and volume: unlimited
Applicable product weight: generally within 6kg
Applicable industries: injection molding, CNC machine tools and other industries.
The action of the unloading robot on the CNC lathe: the unloading and unloading robot starts, sends out the start signal of the robot feeding, moves the workpiece to the CNC, and starts processing. After the processing is completed, the robot takes the workpiece out of the CNC, and the robot puts the workpiece into the groove of the warehouse .
The configuration of the unloading robot on the CNC lathe:
Robot: 6-axis robot
Fixture: simple fixture (customizable)
Base: Yes (customizable)
Ground rail: configurable
Silo: rotating or multi-layered silo
Installation, debugging and training: Yes
The advantages of CNC lathe unloading robot:
1. High-precision positioning, fast handling and clamping, shorten the operation cycle, and improve the efficiency of the machine tool
2. The robot operation is stable and reliable, effectively reducing unqualified products and improving product quality
3. Fatigue-free contact operation, reducing machine idle rate and expanding factory production capacity
4. High level of automation, improve single product manufacturing accuracy, speed up batch production efficiency
5. Highly flexible, fast and flexible to apply new tasks and new products, and shorten the delivery time.
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