Die casting robot

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Die-casting robots adopt robot automation for handling, picking, loading and unloading, grinding and deburring in the production process of die-casting production, thereby improving production efficiency!







Model: YD-YZJQR-001
Applicable product shape and volume: unlimited
Applicable product weight: generally above 50kg
Application industry: automotive and auto parts, metal processing, engineering machinery and other industries, used in automatic loading and unloading production links such as stamping machine automated production lines.
Die-casting robot action: In the production process, handling, picking, loading and unloading, polishing and deburring, etc. adopt robot automation systems.
Die casting robot configuration:
Robot: Robot
Fixture: Fixture can be set
Base: configurable
Installation, debugging and training: Yes
Advantages of die-casting robots
1. Fast speed and high productivity
2. High precision
3. High efficiency and flexible production
4. Good economic benefits
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