Gantry truss manipulator

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The gantry truss manipulator is an automation equipment that can realize automatic control, is reprogrammable based on the spatial XYZ rectangular coordinate system, has multiple degrees of freedom, and is suitable for different tasks. Suitable for loading and unloading of machine tools, the truss manipulator system has high stability, simple structure and easier maintenance, and can meet the production of different types of products.



Model: YD-LMHJ-001
Applicable product shape and volume: unlimited
Applicable product weight: 0-300kg
Application industry: final assembly, partial assembly, inspection, debugging and transportation of industrial products such as small and medium home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical and electrical products, instruments and meters, hardware tools, toys, daily chemicals and food
Gantry truss manipulator action: Its control core realizes the analysis and processing of various input signals through the controller through the industrial controller. After making certain logical judgments, it issues execution commands to each output element to complete the X, Y, and Z three axes. In order to realize a complete set of fully automatic operation process.
Gantry truss manipulator configuration:
Robot: Cartesian coordinate robot
Fixture: Fixture can be set
Slide rail: configurable
Installation, debugging and training: Yes
Advantages of gantry truss manipulator
1. Provide a safer working environment, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce labor risks;
2. Reduce the workload in the process and reduce the downtime and inventory;
3. Improve the competitiveness of enterprises, improve working conditions and gradually increase production efficiency;
4. Stronger and controllable production capacity to speed up product upgrading;
5. Improve the processing capacity of parts and product quality;
6. Eliminate boring work and save labor;



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