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Robot Base

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The robot base is a supplement to the use of the robot. The robot base can be used on any ground. It can also increase the working space of the robot according to the different working environment to ensure that the robot can be used in different production fields. The best results can be achieved.
The robot base, used for the robot, includes a main body and a mobile device arranged on the main body, and also includes: a measuring device for monitoring the movement balance information of the main body; a master control connected with the measuring device and used for obtaining movement balance information The main control board is connected with the control device to collect the motion balance state and send it to the control device; the drive motor connected to the main control board, the number of drive motors is equal to the number of mobile devices; the drive motor is one with the mobile device One correspondence connection.
The movement state and balance state of the base are monitored through the measuring device, collected through the main control board, and sent to the control device of the robot. The base can effectively monitor and master the real-time movement state, and provide the data to The robot's control device helps to improve the robot's mobility.
The robot base is not only used in industrial production, but is also applicable to other industries and has a great effect. The robot base has a solid foundation, almost no interference contour, and reduces space constraints.