Positioning Mask Machine

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1. Introduction1.1 Equipment overview:This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of flat masks: the whole roll of fabric is driven by the roller after being unrolled, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed; the whole roll of the nose bridge is unrolled, cut to length and then imported into the hemmed fabric, both sides It is welded to the seal by ultrasonic, then is sealed laterally by ultrasonic, and cut into shape by a cutter.This machine is controlled by two ultrasonic and five servo motors, 125*95, 145*95, 175*95. 125*90, 145*90, 175*90 can be switched at will, the whole process is computer controlled, which changes the traditional correction Screw mode.The machine uses a color code sensor to sense the cloth icon, and the positioning is accurate.1.2 Equipment diagram (this diagram is for reference only, the equipment is subject to the actual product)



1.3 Equipment installation and configuration requirements

(1) Equipment size: 3500mm(L)×1000mm(W)×1700mm(H); wooden box size: body 2170*1090*1370, material rack: 1700*870*1800(2) Appearance color: according to the factory standard if there is no special description;(3) Equipment weight: ≤400kg, floor load ≤500KG/m2;(4) Working power supply: 220V, 50HZ, rated power is about 4KW;(5) Operating environment: temperature 10~35℃, humidity 5-35%HR, no flammable and corrosive gas,No dust (cleanliness is not less than 100,000).(6) Ultrasonic: two sets of 18K2600W(7) Operator: 1 person2. Equipment technical parameters:4.1 Equipment production capacity:(1) Production efficiency: 150-200PCS/min;(2) Equipment production qualification rate: greater than or equal to 95% (except when the incoming materials do not meet the requirements and improper operation by employees)4.2 Product specifications: Standard type: 125*90mm 145*95mm 175*95mm