• What is the price of the palletizing robot?

    Many customers need a palletizing process in the production process. Robot palletizing is undoubtedly a good choice, but the question that is often dumbfounded: Is a palletizing robot not thousands of

  • How to choose domestic robots and imported robots?

    For robot applications, do you choose domestic robots or imported robots, domestic robots or robots better? Customers often have such questions. The most obvious advantage of imported robots is qualit

  • Industrial robot body maintenance

    Industrial robot body maintenance 1. General maintenance 1) Cleaning robot Clean the manipulator base and arms regularly; high-pressure cleaning equipment can be used, but direct spraying to the manip

  • Can I use the robot after I buy it?

    I often encounter such consultations: 1. Do you do robots? 2. How much is the robot? 3. Why are there other expenses? Because there is an illusion, the robot can be used directly after buying it. But

  • Are robotic arms and robots the same product?

    A mechanical arm is a mechanical device, which can be automatic or human-controlled; an industrial robot is an automated equipment, and a mechanical arm is a type of industrial robot, and industrial r

  • Reliability design of non-standard automation equipment

    In the reliability design of non-standard automation equipment, pay attention to:1. In the selection of non-standard parts, try to use finished parts to effectively reduce the cost of non-standard pro

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