Flat One To One Mask Machine

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Purpose: flat mask production line
Material: steel and aluminum
Model: YD-PM-GA1
Machine power: 8kw/h
Voltage: 220V
Output: 80-100pcs/min, 100+pcs/min
Machine specifications: 4.15m*2.045m*1.96m
Weight: 1250kg
Finished product specifications: 175*95mm
Equipment function
The one-to-one flat mask integrated machine is composed of a flat mask filming machine and an ear band welding machine, which can automatically complete the body forming of the mask, automatically add nose bridge, ear band welding and automatic counting functions. Has: easy to use, stable and reliable, with good general-purpose, compatibility and cost-effective.
Scope of application: suitable for flat face masks with outer ears below 4 layers (without edge sealing)
Mask size specification: 17.5cm*9.5cm (adult)
Manually load the PP spunbond non-woven fabric incoming material roll and the nose line material roll into the material rack. At the beginning, the manual leader will insert several layers of non-woven fabric laminates and the nose line into the conveyor, and at the same time, they will be folded on the way. , Pressing, cutting, and automatically conveying to the earband welding machine. Weld the ear straps with the ear strap welding machine.
The high-speed one-to-one mask machine production line has been launched on a large scale since mid-June, and thousands of units have been put on the market. Generally speaking, the high-speed one-to-one mask machine production line is compared with the previous pneumatic models, one-to-two models Both efficiency and failure rate have been greatly improved. But the stability is still not enough. At present, the market technology is iteratively updated quickly. After continuous improvement, our company has launched a new 11-servo 3-step high-speed one-to-one mask machine production line. This model features stable structure, low failure rate, and simple maintenance. All actions are controlled by servos. It is really a weapon to achieve stable production of masks. It is one of the most stable models on the market with the highest return rate. The return rate is currently 100%.