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Robot Ground

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Products: robot walking axis, sliding rail
Material: Steel, etc.
Length: 1 meter
Track width: 300mm
Track height: 200mm
Size: 1000mm*300mm*200mm
Weight: 150kg
Robot walking axis, also known as robot seventh axis, robot track, etc., is mainly used to expand the robot's operating radius and expand the scope of use of the robot. It is mainly used in welding, casting, machining, intelligent storage, automotive, aerospace and other industries.
Advantages: expand the robot operating radius, further improve the efficiency of robot use, and reduce the cost of robot use
Features of robot ground rail function introduction:
1. System program control: The signal interface and system interface between the ground rail system and the "mold base" all adopt digital signal transmission, so as to ensure mutual stability and reliability. It has two operation control modes: manual and automatic. In the manual mode, a certain station can be operated independently, and in the automatic mode, it runs automatically according to the set operation program.
2. The function of the software: complete the disorderly work of the station, that is, randomly initiate the work signal, and the seven-axis can complete the work according to the order of initiation; and after the signal is reset, all unexecuted signals can be eliminated.
3. Emergency stop interlock function: activate any emergency stop button (and seven-axis, robot) at will, the seven-axis can immediately stop the action being completed, and the equipment will resume normal operation only after the emergency stop is reset.
4. Signal safety: Two consecutive signals are given in a short period of time, and the robot walking axis only executes the signal once and will not work twice continuously; after the program is upgraded, there is a complete system backup.
5. Movement and positioning: It can be directly edited through the operation panel and display screen. In theory, countless positioning points can be set within the effective stroke range of the linear axis. The position accuracy is accurately detected by the encoder, and the servo system controls the motor to ensure that the accuracy is within ±0.5mm.
6. Safety maintenance and maintenance: external key maintenance switch, when a certain mold base is not in use (for example: a certain mold base is faulty and needs to be repaired), use the external key maintenance switch to skip this mold base, so that it will not be due to human error Operation or other accidents cause the product to be scrapped.
7. Emergency stop button: Each mold base has an emergency stop button to stop the entire system in an emergency.
8. System interface: All hardware interfaces and software functions are connected by the provider to ensure all customer needs.