Rotating Silo

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Product: Loading and unloading rotating silo
Stations: 6
Material: Steel, etc.
Purpose: It is a supporting equipment for automatic feeding
Size: 700mm*700mm*1000mm
Weight: 100kg
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Six-station feeder:
Composition: frame, splitter, servo motor, lifting system, detection system, PLC and other systems
The rotation of the silo is realized by using a geared motor to drive the divider to rotate. The position of the pallet in the silo is controlled by a sensor. The feeding of materials is realized by the motor and a reducer driving the pallet on the chain to rise and fall. The automatic silo is controlled by an independent The PLC controller is completed.
Advantages: After manual discharging, it can be used for continuous processing by machine tools, reducing manual waiting time. It is mainly used with robots for automatic operation and processing, which can realize semi-automatic processing of machine tools. One person can operate multiple processing equipment
Suitable for processing round products, other irregular products can be designed according to the actual shape of the positioning device
1. Save manpower: Many machining processes will require people to load materials, which requires a lot of waiting. This product does not need to wait for the material to be loaded manually, it is best to cooperate with the robot to process.
2. Ultra-high-speed operation: different working speeds can be adjusted to meet most feeding requirements
3. Wide scope of work: suitable for all kinds of machining and feeding materials
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