CNC Chamfering Machine

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Name: CNC Drilling Machine
Material: Steel, etc.
Main motor power: 0.37/0.55 (kw)
Drilling diameter range: 12.7 (mm)
Spindle speed range: 480-4100 (rpm)
Size: 600mm*1000mm*1500mm
Weight: 150kg
High efficiency, good stability, intelligent control, simple operation, repeatability up to 0.02mm, high-precision ball screw, no gap, high motion precision, convenient maintenance, low cost of use, one person with multiple machines, and reduced labor
Work better with automation equipment such as machining (more efficient with industrial robots, saving 1-2 manpower)
Mode setting: single and continuous action, time waiting setting, rapid retreat, segmented feed, automatic chip retreat and other modes
Purpose: This machine tool is used to drill holes of less than 30mm reaming on ferrous metals and other materials, and has the function of countersinking the bottom surface of the drilled hole. Suitable for machinery manufacturing, hardware tools and other industries.