• product details

Production cycle: 40±5pcs/min
Machine power: maximum power 20KW
(Ultrasonic 2.6KW*2 + 2KW*2 + other equipment 10.8KW)
Air source: compressed air should be stabilized above 0.5Mpa
Trachea with a diameter of 12: connect to the triple piece, and reserve 2 ports
Power supply: 220V 16A
Dimensions mm: 9800(L)*1400(W)*2000(H)
Equipment action process: 1. Raw material loading (place four or five layers of fabric according to product requirements) → push nose bridge → body knurling → left ear band welding → right ear band welding → coding (optional coding according to requirements Or laser marking) → folding → edge banding → cost cutting → finished product discharge
Installation requirements
1. Check the bearing capacity and flatness of the ground, comprehensively consider the total weight of the machine and the vibration caused by the machine during operation.
2. Place the machine horizontally and adjust the feet of each machine to make it level.
3. Before turning on the power, carefully check whether the connections are loose.
4. Connect the power supply correctly.
5. The required power supply is AC 220V/50Hz.
Equipment maintenance
The daily maintenance of the equipment is to ensure that the equipment is running well, reduce the failure rate and improve the equipment.
Effective means to prepare the service life. Customers should pay special attention when using equipment for production activities.
1. In the process of operating the equipment, the operator should pay close attention to the operation of the equipment, make a record of the equipment operation, and record the operation of the equipment in the class in detail for the equipment maintenance personnel to refer to when inspecting and maintaining the equipment.
2. If an abnormality is found, the machine must be shut down immediately, and the maintenance personnel must be notified to deal with it, and the machine can be restarted after the fault is eliminated.
3. The equipment maintenance personnel shall conduct regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
4. Before servicing the equipment, you must disconnect the power supply and follow the relevant safety regulations.
5. Any fixed protection device needs to be opened or removed due to maintenance. After maintenance, it must be restored to its original position intact.