KN95 Welding Headset

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1 Equipment function
The main function of the KN95 earband welding machine is to weld the earbands on the left and right sides of the sealed KN95 mask sheet.
2.1 Equipment structure
The KN95 ear strap wire machine is mainly composed of the welding station for the nose bridge wire and ear strap 1. Ear strap welding
Station 2. Control panel, electric box, rack, etc.
2.2 HMI operation interface
HMI operation interface is mainly divided into main screen, automatic page, manual page, parameter setting page,
IO monitoring and other screens.
4 Other parameters
4.1 Ultrasonic specifications: 20K 800W, 4 pcs, welding time 0.2-0.4S.
4.2 Equipment air pressure requirement: 0.4-0.6MPa.
4.3 Equipment power: rated power 2.5kw, peak power 3.5kw.
Incoming single-phase minimum 2.5 square, live wire, neutral wire, ground wire.
5 Equipment characteristics
N95 automatic high-speed welding earphone, one person discharges materials, automatic welding on both sides at the same time, automatic feeding, continuous operation, fast speed, 3-4 times higher efficiency than traditional double-head welding earphones, while saving labor and space. With semi-automatic filming + built-in nose bridge + edge banding machine, the most perfect combination