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IRB 4600-60/2.05
Number of axes: 6
Load: 60kg
Working range: 2050mm
Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.06mm
Version: Universal version, casting version
Protection grade standard: IP67
Protection level matching: Casting Expert II, Casting Authority II
Installation method: floor, oblique, inverted, bracket
Body weight: 425kg
Main applications: assembly, deburring, extrusion, loading and unloading, material handling, packaging/palletizing, and loading and unloading of plate bending machines
IRB 4600 is a very efficient general-purpose robot, optimized for shortening the cycle time, and its slim body is easy to do in a high-density work cell. The IRB 4600 makes the layout of production units more compact, achieves both productivity and quality improvements, and promotes production efficiency to a new level.