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Yaskawa Handling And Palletizing Robot MOTOMAN-GP25

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6-axis vertical multi-joint type
Load: 25KG
Operating range: 1730mm
Control cabinet: YRC1000
Purpose: handling, pickup/packing, palletizing, assembly/distribution
Here are the answers you need! With rich functions and core components, it can meet the needs of a wide range of users, such as grabbing, embedding, assembling, grinding, and processing bulk parts.
Improve productivity
●The synthesis speed is about 30% higher than that of the existing models to reduce the cycle time
●Using a design that reduces the interference between the arm and peripheral equipment
●Using hollow arm structure, sensor cables and gas pipelines can be built in
●The synthesis speed is increased by about 30% compared with the existing models to reduce the tact time ●The design is adopted to reduce the interference between the arm and the peripheral equipment ●The hollow arm structure is adopted, and the sensor cable and gas pipeline can be built in it
Robust structure against interference
●The robot wrist adopts IP67 standard
●The corresponding connector base can be drawn downward
Improve maintainability
●Reduce the number of cables between the robot and the control cabinet, improve the maintainability while providing simple equipment
● Significantly reduce the work time for regular cable replacement