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Carton handling and palletizing robots are a relatively common application of robot applications and have a wide range of applications in the automation industry.

Carton palletizing robot action: The palletizing robot grabs the cartons from the conveyor belt, stacks the cartons layer by layer on the pallet according to the predetermined stacking method, and finally outputs the stacked full stack. The palletizing robot can complete three-dimensional space transfer actions such as heavy objects grabbing, handling, flipping, docking, and fine-tuning angles, providing ideal handling and assembly tools for material on-line and production parts assembly.

Application configuration of carton palletizing:

Robot: 6-axis robot

Fixture: suction cup fixture (customizable)

Base: Yes (customizable)

Roller conveyor belt: Yes (customizable)

Installation, debugging and training: Yes

Advantages of palletizing robots:

1. Simple structure and few parts. Therefore, the failure rate of the parts is low, the performance is reliable, the maintenance is simple, and the required stock parts are few.

2. Less floor space. It is conducive to the layout of the production line in the customer's factory and allows a larger warehouse area. The palletizing robot can be installed in a narrow space and can be used effectively.

3. Strong applicability. When the size, volume, shape of the customer's product and the outer dimension of the tray change, only a slight modification can be made on the touch screen, which will not affect the customer's normal production. The change of mechanical palletizer is quite troublesome or even impossible.

4. Low energy consumption. Generally, the power of a mechanical palletizer is about 26KW, while the power of a palletizing robot is about 5KW. Greatly reduce the customer's operating costs.

5. All control can be operated on the screen of the control cabinet, the operation is very simple.

6. Only need to locate and grasp the starting point and placement point, the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.

Application scene graph picture: