Multi-Layer Silo

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Mechanical processing requires repeated and continuous operations, and requires consistency and accuracy of operations. Generally, the processing process of parts in factories requires continuous processing of multiple machine tools and multiple processes. However, with the increase in labor costs and the competitive pressure brought by the improvement of production efficiency, the degree of automation and flexible manufacturing capabilities of processing capabilities have become factory competition The level of power improvement.
Multi-layer silo has the characteristics of large capacity and higher degree of automation, which is the basic configuration to improve automation efficiency. Provide professional automation solutions for machining enterprises, automate the transformation of CNC lathes and CNC machining, and realize the automatic grabbing of workpieces: including all production processes of reclaiming, unloading, clamping, cleaning and processing. Robots can replace manual loading and unloading operations, and realize an efficient automatic loading and unloading system through automatic feeding bins and conveyor belts.
Product: Multi-layer Silo
high degree of automation
Manufacturer: Yuda Automation
Customization: yes
Features of multi-layer silos:
1. High-precision positioning, fast handling and clamping, shorten the operation cycle, and improve the efficiency of the machine tool.
2. Robot operation is stable and reliable, effectively reducing non-conforming products and improving product quality.
3. Continuous operation without fatigue, reducing the idle rate of machine tools, and expanding factory production capacity.
4. High level of automation, improve the precision of single product manufacturing, speed up the efficiency of batch production.
5. Highly flexible, quick and flexible to adapt to new tasks and new products, and shorten the delivery time.