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30kg carton robot palletizing clamping fixture product introduction: this fixture is driven by four stepper motors, supporting ball screws, precision guide rails and suction cups. According to the customer's product, adjust the appropriate clamping stroke. After the fixture reaches the product positioning position , The sucker sucks and lifts the product, and the cylinder drives the claw to fix the product on the fixture, and then transport it to the designated position.

Product specifications: L1150*W550*H460

Material: Steel, etc.

Load: 20-30kg

Adapted robot model: the connecting flange of different robots can be customized, and the truss can also be matched

Customizable part: length, width and height


Function introduction features:

1. System program control: The signal interface and system interface of the fixture system and the supporting robot or truss adopts digital or PLC control signal transmission, so as to ensure mutual stability and reliability. It has two operation control modes: manual and automatic. In manual mode, a certain process can be operated independently, and in automatic mode, it will run automatically according to the set operation program.

2. Emergency stop interlocking function: If any emergency stop button is activated at will, the fixture can immediately stop the action being completed, and the equipment will resume normal operation only after the emergency stop is reset. 3. Movement and positioning: It can be directly edited through the operation panel and display screen. In theory, within the effective stroke range of the linear axis, through the stepper motor and the ball screw, the accuracy is within ±0.5mm.









1、系统程序控制:夹具系统与配套机器人或桁架的信号接口及系统接口采用数字或PLC控制信号传输,从而保证互相之间的稳定性及牢靠性。具备手动和自动两种运转控制方式, 手动方式下可单独操作某一个工序,自动方式下按设定的运转程序自动运转。 2、急停连锁功用:随意激起任何一个急停按钮,夹具可以立刻中止正在完成的动作,只要在该急停重新复位后设备才恢复正常运转。 3、移动与定位:可经过操作面板及显现屏直接编辑,理论上在直线轴有效行程范围内,经过步进电机和滚珠丝杆,精度在±0.5mm范围之内。