What is the price of the palletizing robot?

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
Many customers need a palletizing process in the production process. Robot palletizing is undoubtedly a good choice, but the question that is often dumbfounded: Is a palletizing robot not thousands of dollars? There is currently no palletizing robot with a price of several thousand yuan.
Palletizing robots are divided into two situations, one only includes the robot itself and the control cabinet. Another situation is to include robots, robot control cabinets, but also robot installation and debugging, and robot accessories (fixtures, bases, conveyor belts, etc.). With the advancement of domestic robot technology, robot companies have matured day by day, and the price of robots has an obvious advantage. However, even robots with a weight of less than 6kg are currently in the tens of thousands. Imported robots are more expensive. If installation and debugging, accessories, etc. are added on the basis of the robot, the price will increase partly.
But it must be mentioned that the current handling and palletizing has become a trend, a trend of rising labor costs. At the same time, the handling and stacking itself is labor-intensive, repetitive, and boring. The handling and palletizing robot is different. It can repeat the palletizing according to the debugging position, the position is accurate, the working time is long, the adjustment is flexible, and the maintenance is simple.
What price can a palletizing robot do? First of all, what is the size, specification and weight of your product, and what kind of palletizing is to be done on site. Finally, what kind of robot to choose, imported robots or domestic assets. The current market price generally ranges from tens of thousands to several million. The specific pricing needs to be based on the palletizing products and requirements.