Reliability design of non-standard automation equipment

Date:2020-12-04 Reading:
In the reliability design of non-standard automation equipment, pay attention to:
1. In the selection of non-standard parts, try to use finished parts to effectively reduce the cost of non-standard products in terms of raw material consumption, management expenses, and yield. The use of finished parts can also make the equipment have better reliability after being put into the market, extend the design and manufacturing cycle of the equipment, and improve the design efficiency.
2. In the design of non-standard automation equipment, on the basis of meeting the process design conditions, the technical plan of the equipment must be carefully studied to determine advanced, reasonable and stable non-standard automation equipment.
3. In the design of non-standard automation equipment, we should also uphold the humanized design concept, repeatedly measure whether the use of the equipment conforms to the worker's usage habits, and pay more attention to details.