How to choose domestic robots and imported robots?

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
For robot applications, do you choose domestic robots or imported robots, domestic robots or robots better? Customers often have such questions.
The most obvious advantage of imported robots is quality. The robots of well-known brands are indeed more accurate and stable (FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Stäubli, etc.). Technology is also an accumulated process and result. Because some foreign regions have first-mover advantages, they have formed human-computer interaction technology, control technology, environmental perception and sensing technology, material technology, artificial intelligence, etc. The key components are precision reducers, controllers, servo motors, and high-speed With the accumulation of technology such as performance drives, although domestic robot technology is also improving day by day, decades of technology accumulation, it is still difficult to achieve an equal footing in just a few years.
So where are the advantages of domestic robots? price. Not only the price of the product, but also the price of after-sales service. The price difference of a robot with a smaller load is smaller. The higher the load, the greater the price difference of the robot. Generally, the price difference of a robot with a 50kg load is tens of thousands. At the same time, if a robot engineer is required to perform the above services, the price difference is also very obvious. So the price is still cheap.
So as a corporate customer, which one should you choose? Choose the right one according to your own situation. For companies that do not require high precision and do not want to pay so much money for robot projects, they can choose domestic robots. For products that require high accuracy and stability, imported robots may be more suitable. It can be selected reasonably according to the occasion of use.