Can I use the robot after I buy it?

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
I often encounter such consultations: 1. Do you do robots? 2. How much is the robot? 3. Why are there other expenses? Because there is an illusion, the robot can be used directly after buying it. But it is wrong.
At present, robot applications are divided into multiple categories. The robot applications and integrations that Yuda Automation is doing are mainly divided into: handling and palletizing robot applications (too many cartons and bags) machine tool loading and unloading robot applications, welding robot applications, and die-casting robot applications , Spraying robot application, polishing robot application. The actual robot application categories far exceed these categories, and the industries involved are also very wide.
First of all, the robot needs to be installed and debugged. Even if the robot is included and all accessories are complete, the machine cannot directly complete the specific production requirements. Technical personnel are required for debugging. The key point of technical personnel adjustment is to achieve completeness and stability of actions in actual production scenarios by adjusting necessary parameters.
Secondly, because different applications have to achieve different actions, the types of robots used are different, and the necessary accessories are different. For example, a welding robot must be equipped with a welding machine, but if it is a palletizing robot application, what is needed may be a fixture and a base.
Finally, in addition to the robots and accessories that are indispensable for the application, necessary protective measures may be needed, such as a protective fence!