Gantry truss manipulator-machine tool truss loading and unloading manipulator-injection molding manipulator manufacturer customization-Dongguan Yuda Automation

Date:2021-01-21 Reading:

Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with independent design and production of various manipulators. Manipulators including gantry truss manipulators, machine tool truss loading and unloading manipulators, and injection manipulators can be customized according to customer needs! The loading and unloading robot adopts a modular design and can be combined in various forms to form multiple online production lines. The components are: column, beam (X axis), vertical beam (Z axis), control system, upper and lower bin system, claw hand system, etc. The modules are mechanically independent from each other, and can be combined arbitrarily within a certain range, which can realize automatic production of lathes, machining centers, gear shapers, EDM machines, grinders and other equipment. In practice, automatic loading and unloading robots can be widely used in almost all walks of life in industrial production. They have the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency, and high quality of workpieces. At the same time, they can save the operators from the heavy and monotonous working environment. , More and more favored by manufacturers, owning this set of production lines is bound to highlight the company’s production strength and improve market competitiveness, which is an inevitable trend in industrial production and processing The advantages of the truss type loading and unloading manipulator: (1) High production efficiency: To improve production efficiency, the production cycle must be controlled. In addition to the fixed production and processing cycle cannot be improved, automatic loading and unloading replaces manual operations, so that the cycle can be well controlled, avoiding the influence of human factors on the production cycle, and greatly improving the production efficiency. (2) Flexible process modification: We can quickly change the production process by modifying the program and the gripper. The debugging speed is fast, eliminating the need for training for employees, and it can be put into production quickly. (3) Improving the quality of workpieces on site: The robot automated production line, from loading, clamping, and unloading is completely completed by robots, reducing intermediate links, greatly improving the quality of parts, especially the surface of the workpiece is more beautiful.