Why use robots for palletizing?

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
The main application of palletizing robot:
In the palletizing and handling of boxes, bags, barrels and other materials, it is widely used in the production of beverages, bottled water, flour, fertilizers and cement. At the same time, palletizing robots involve mechanics, mechanics, electrical hydraulic pressure technology, Automatic control technology, sensor technology, single-chip technology and computer technology have become an important part of the modern machinery manufacturing production system.
The use of robot palletizers improves the working conditions of workers, keeps workers away from dirty and tiring handling work and frees them from heavy physical labor. Help people complete heavy, monotonous, and repetitive labor, increase labor productivity, and guarantee product quality.
The benefits of using palletizing robots:
Instead of working for people, as long as there is a production task, the palletizer can work tirelessly. If manual palletizing, sometimes due to employee leave, reduced manpower and other factors, the company’s production efficiency on the day is reduced, and robot yards are used Duo has the advantages that it does not require manual management, work-related injuries, insurance and medical conditions.
The advantages of the palletizing robot machine itself:
Simple structure, few parts, low failure rate, and less floor space. It is conducive to the resettlement of the production line of the customer's factory and allows a larger warehouse space. The palletizing robot can be installed in a narrow space and can be used effectively.
Mechanical automatic palletizer machine application
Mechanical automatic palletizers can be widely used in the industrial packaging industry, material storage industry, and various industrial production industries. Palletizers are needed. Automatic palletizers can not only provide enterprises with palletizing efficiency, but also improve The production and sales efficiency of the enterprise.