Advantages of truss manipulator

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
In domestic machining, most of them currently use special machines or manual loading and unloading of machine tools. However, with the progress and development of society and the increasing advancement of science and technology, product upgrading is accelerated, and there are many shortages of special machines and labor. Large, insufficient flexibility, low survival efficiency, etc., can no longer meet the needs of mass production.
Due to the fast conveying speed of the truss manipulator, the acceleration and deceleration time are short. When conveying heavier workpieces, the inertia is large. Therefore, the servo drive motor must have sufficient driving and braking capabilities, and the supporting components must also have sufficient rigidity and strength. Only in this way can the servo motor meet the high response, high rigidity and high precision requirements of the truss manipulator conveying.
In the case of selecting a suitable servo motor, the displacement and trajectory of the servo system are calculated according to the distance of the material movement and the running tempo, and the PID parameters of the driver are dynamically adjusted. According to the received displacement and speed commands, the truss manipulator is changed, amplified and adjusted, and then transferred to the motion unit, and the running status is detected in real time by the optical fiber sensor. During the high-speed handling process, the moving parts arrive in a very short time Given the speed, it can stop immediately in the high-speed stroke. Through the interpolation operation of the high-resolution absolute encoder, the influence of the mechanical error and the measurement error on the motion accuracy is controlled.
Because the workpieces to be transported are different and the quality is also different, there are many specifications and series of truss manipulators. When selecting, it is selected according to the quality of the conveyed workpiece and the processing beat. However, the arm of the manipulator and the clamping method are designed according to the shape and structure of the workpiece to be conveyed and the clamping method of the machine tool fixture.