Reliability design of non-standard automation equipment

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
Product: Longmen linear module sliding table
Manufacturer: Yes
Customization: independent design and production customization
Delivery time: To be determined
Gantry linear guide rail module sliding table combined installation method
   1) Install the base, tighten the nut, and place the hanging basket in the center of the base.
  2) Install the column bottom section, and temporarily fix it every two standard sections. Temporary cable wind ropes are used, nodes and supporting points must be connected with bolts, and cannot be tied with iron wires.
  3) The installation of the columns on both sides should be carried out alternately. The specifications of the node bolts must be selected according to the diameter of the hole, and cannot be omitted. If the hole position is found to be inappropriate, the hole cannot be reamed at will, and it cannot be replaced with wire binding to avoid loosening and deformation of the node.
  4) When installing the standard section, pay attention to the verticality of the guide rails. There should be no broken lines and excessive gaps at the joints of the guide rails to prevent impact during operation.
  5) When the column is assembled to the predetermined height, install the sky beam.
  6) When the construction site conditions permit, it can be assembled on the ground and then hoisted as a whole to reduce high-altitude operations. When designing the frame, only the force during construction is considered. Therefore, before the overall lifting, the two columns and the frame should be temporarily reinforced to increase the bending resistance of the nodes and the columns.
  7) Before the overall hoisting, tie the cable wind rope on the top of the frame. The selection of the lifting point should be based on the position specified in the original drawing of the product. Pay attention to the bending and deformation of the column during the lifting process to prevent damage to the node.
   8) After the gantry is hoisted, the verticality should be calibrated preliminarily, the cable wind rope and the tightening degree of the foot bolts, after all the work is ready, the lifting locks and the hooks can be loosened.
  9) The winch is installed at a place 15 meters away from the frame body, and the line of sight is good, an operating shed is set up, and the control of the winch is started by magnetic force.
  10) Thread the steel wire rope, using double rope lifting. The guide pulley of the frame body is rigidly connected with the base by bolts.
  11) Improve the limit safety device of the gantry module.
   Install an ultra-high limiter on the hoist drum.
   Install a docking device on the frame.
   There are safety doors on the front and back of the hanging plate, and the safety doors fall to the end; 1 meter high baffle or blocking nets are installed on both sides.
  12) During the construction of the main body, the connecting pieces of the wall structure are embedded in the frame body, one connecting piece is embedded in every two layers, and a set of wall brackets are installed on the top of the main body.