How much is a palletizing robot?

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
Transport and palletizing can use special machines or robots. Often people who consult the transport and palletizing machinery themselves are not too sure whether they want a special plane or a robot, but they will ask how low the price is. Generally, there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions, depending on the product and site conditions.
The Cartesian coordinate manipulator used in the special plane has the advantages of relatively cheap price, good stability and efficiency. The disadvantage is that the stability is relatively poor, the area is large, the working range is narrow, and the flexibility is weak. Robots have natural advantages in these aspects. Enterprises need to choose special planes or robots that are more suitable for their own conditions according to their own product characteristics and requirements.
How much is a palletizing robot? Whether it is a special plane or a robot in a specific application, the company needs to provide detailed parameters of its own products, including product pictures, size specifications, weight (preferably with product drawings), as well as videos and specific actions at the production site Requirements and parameters, so that our technical engineers can quickly determine several feasible alternatives. Once the plan is confirmed, there will be a quotation. Therefore, if the parameters are incomplete, then the quotation can only be an estimate, not the final quotation.
How much is a palletizing robot? You have product information, we have prices here, and welcome your inquiry.