Truss type loading and unloading manipulator

Date:2023-12-04 Reading:
The truss manipulator includes a beam, a truss, a rolling wheel, a longitudinal driving device, and a transverse driving device. The two ends of the beam are provided with rolling wheels, and the two longitudinal driving devices are respectively connected to the rolling wheels provided at the left and right ends of the beam, It is characterized in that it also includes a screw, a screw nut, a movable gear, a fixed rack, a movable rack, and a reclaiming fork. The screw nut is screwed on the screw, and the screw is set on the truss to move The gear is hinged on the screw nut; the fixed rack and the screw are fixed on one side of the screw in the same direction, and the movable rack and the screw are arranged on the reclaiming fork guide frame on the other side of the screw and hinged on the screw. The movable gears on the mother mesh with the fixed rack and the movable rack respectively, and the picking fork is fixedly connected with the movable rack.
The advantages of the truss type loading and unloading manipulator:
(1) High production efficiency: To improve production efficiency, the production cycle must be controlled. In addition to the fixed production and processing tempo cannot be improved, automatic loading,
The blanking replaces manual operation, so that the beat can be well controlled, and the impact on the production beat due to human factors is avoided.
Greatly improve production efficiency.
(2) Flexible process modification: We can quickly change the production process by modifying the program and the gripper, and the debugging speed is fast, eliminating the need for
The time for employees to conduct training can be put into production quickly.
(3) Improving the quality of workpieces leaving the factory: the robot automated production line, from loading, clamping, and unloading are completely completed by the robot, reducing the intermediate
In the process, the quality of parts is greatly improved, especially the surface of the workpiece is more beautiful.