Cement bag handling and palletizing fixture manufacturers spot

Date:2021-01-22 Reading:
The stock of bagged palletizing fixture will be launched soon! Fixture lead time is 20 days? Available from stock, fast delivery, as long as your bag size and weight are within the range, you can directly stock it.
Bag, carton, barrel, bottle handling and palletizing robots are common types of handling and palletizing. Because of the regular shape of the product, it is universal in a certain range.
As an important building material, cement has a wide range of applications. Palletizing is an important link in the process of cement production and transportation, and its cost accounts for a large proportion of the logistics cost. Manual palletizing alone is a labor-consuming, labor-intensive and time-consuming work. The automatic palletizer for bagged cement solves the problem for cement companies.
The bagged cement automatic palletizer is a destacking device for carrying bag materials. It has a stable and reliable high-speed palletizing ability. The cement automatic palletizing manipulator has a simple and strong structure, small footprint, low maintenance, and long service life. The whole machine has multiple safety protections, reliable operation and fully automatic operation; adapts to a variety of stack types, convenient adjustment and high production efficiency.
Scope of application:
Through the configuration, it can also complete the destacking tasks of nylon (paper) bags, cartons, plastic boxes and glass bottles. It is suitable for unpacking the finished products of various shapes in chemical, beverage, food, grain, feed, fertilizer, building materials, beer, dairy, plastic, environmental protection and other production enterprises.
Product advantages:
1. The system has complete safety protection functions: firstly, ensure the personal safety of operation and maintenance personnel, and secondly, ensure the safety of products and the safety of the equipment itself;
2. The system has perfect functions, stable and reliable operation, and long service life;
3. High degree of system intelligence: Industrial touch screen is used to realize human-computer interaction, with real-time online help to ensure convenient and fast operation of the equipment. Ordinary non-needed personnel can operate and use, reducing labor costs for enterprises;
4. The system has a fault self-diagnosis function: it can provide fault solutions in real time, and can quickly troubleshoot faults without personnel, shorten equipment maintenance time, increase system "operating rate", and create more value for the enterprise;
5. Maintenance early warning and prompt function: The system can accurately provide maintenance plans according to the equipment workload and working hours, guide users to quickly complete system maintenance work, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and save equipment maintenance for the enterprise Maintenance expenses;
The bagged cement automatic palletizer has high positioning accuracy, fast running speed, large working range, energy saving and environmental protection, simple structure, high cost performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc., and it is used with other conveying equipment to support powder conveying and loading. The bagged cement automatic palletizer has the characteristics of reliable work and low power consumption. It is especially suitable for toxic, flammable, highly corrosive, high dust, and difficult-to-reach places.